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WildJar's speech to text AI engine will automatically transcribe your call recordings. Use our call intelligence platform to identify keywords spoken, customer emotion and sentiment in real time and improve your sales performance.

Quickly gain access to conversation insights and improve your digital marketing strategy.

call intelligence

How it works



Turn on call intelligence and create rules around which spoken words you wish to spot during a conversation.



WildJar uses our AI Speech to Text model to transcribe the recordings in real time.



Identify calls that have positive or negative emotion and sentiment, whilst automatically tagging calls with your keyword Spotlight rules.



WildJar integrates this data into your 3rd party platforms to optimise, report and build lookalike audiences to improve sales.

Speech to Text

WildJar has the fastest and most accurate speech to text transcription, which means you can gain call intelligence in near real time.
Accurate call transcription
Use our Voice AI engine to identify emotion and sentiment trends
Speaker confidence scores
Escalate poorly handled calls and re-engage with customers to save sales opportunities
speech to text
call transcription

Keyword Spotlight

Our simple UI allows you to create Spotlight rules and tag the keywords you want to spot during a conversation.
Real Time call tagging
Score and colour code calls for easy reporting
Spot competitor or negative terms
Improve call handling and training
Conversation Intelligence

Conversation Intelligence

Automatically score and tag calls in real time. No more manual live listening to work out call quality and process.

We make your life easy by giving you simple tools to score and evaluate calls based on specific keywords or phrases spoken.

Using our advanced AI algorithm, you now have the ability to pull out emotion and sentiment based on pitch, tone and words spoken.

Sales managers will be delighted with the additional conversation insights to help them improve their sales conversions.

Improve your digital strategy and integrate phone calls into Google Analytics and other 3rd party platforms.

We bridge the gap between your customers digital journey, and their offline conversion. No more uncertainty.

We bridge the gap between your customers digital
journey, and their offline conversion. No more

wildjar for automotive

WildJar for Automotive

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WildJar for Enterprise

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